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Design of Invisibility Cloaks using Surface Integral Equation Method Publicaciones 17/09/2012
Entrevista del DG de la Fundación COMPUTAEX en Canal Extremadura Radio sobre avances en biomedicina Documentos 10/09/2012
Fast Surface Integral Equation Formulations for Large-Scale Conductors, Metamaterials, and Plasmonic Problems Publicaciones 02/09/2012
Optimization of invisibility cloaks by surface integral equation method Publicaciones 02/09/2012
Can electromagnetic fields influence the structure and enzymatic digest of proteins? A critical evaluation of microwave-assisted proteomics protocols Publicaciones 06/08/2012
Entrevista del Director General de la Fundación COMPUTAEX en Cadena Ser Extremadura Documentos 30/07/2012
Synthesis from d-Altrose of (5R,6R,7R,8S)-5,7-Dihydroxy-8-hydroxymethylconidine and 2,4-Dideoxy-2,4-imino-d-glucitol, Azetidine Analogues of Swainsonine and 1,4-Dideoxy-1,4-imino-d-mannitol Publicaciones 27/07/2012
Campus100TIC Galería de imágenes 26/07/2012
Network Simulations with Supercomputing using NS-2 Publicaciones 19/07/2012
Nuevas tendencias en HPC Documentos 14/06/2012
CDISC 2012 Galería de imágenes 14/06/2012
On the Prebiotic Synthesis of D-Sugars Catalyzed by L-Peptides: Assessments from First-Principles Calculations Publicaciones 11/06/2012
IES Augustóbriga de Navalmoral de la Mata Galería de imágenes 01/06/2012
Methodology and Framework for the Development of Scientific Applications with High-Performance Computing through Web Services Publicaciones 24/05/2012
Metodología y Framework para el Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Científicas con Computación de Alto Rendimiento a través de Servicios Web Documentos 24/05/2012
Labor de difusión - Escuela Politécnica de Cáceres Premios y reconocimientos 10/05/2012
Reconocimiento Escuela Politécnica 10/05/2012 Galería de imágenes 10/05/2012
The impact of volcanic events and ENSO on the detection of the solar cycle signal in the tropical lower stratosphere Publicaciones 25/04/2012
Flash Flow Pyrolysis: Mimicking Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis in a High-Temperature/High-Pressure Liquid-Phase Microreactor Environment Publicaciones 09/02/2012
Surface Integral Equation Solvers for Large-Scale Conductors, Metamaterials and Plasmonic Nanostructures Publicaciones 21/01/2012
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Aplicabilidad de la supercomputación al modelado de sistemas Documentos 18/11/2011
Study on the conformational equilibrium of the alanine dipeptide in water solution by using the averaged solvent electrostatic potential from molecular dynamics methodology Publicaciones 18/11/2011
Aplicabilidad de la Supercomputación al Modelado de Sistemas Biomédicos Publicaciones 16/11/2011
Solvent Effects on the Radiative and Nonradiative Decay of a Model of the Rhodopsin Chromophore Publicaciones 04/11/2011
Extremadura democratiza el acceso a la supercomputación Publicaciones 18/10/2011
Equipo CénitS - COMPUTAEX 2011 Galería de imágenes 14/10/2011
Theoretical study of the role of solvent Stark effect in electron transitions Publicaciones 01/10/2011
Dual Fluorescence of Fluorazene in Solution: A Computational Study Publicaciones 27/09/2011
Tautomerism in Schiff bases. The cases of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and 1-hydroxy-2-naphthaldehyde investigated in solution and the solid state Publicaciones 05/09/2011
On the enhanced reactivity and selectivity of triazole formation in molecular flasks. A theoretical rationale Publicaciones 31/08/2011