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Thinking in Parallel: foreword 06/05/2021
CultivData: Integración, análisis y gestión de la recolección y tratamiento de datos de cultivo para la mejora de la eficiencia agraria 29/01/2021
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Mecanismos para la Gestión Eficiente del Plano de Control y del Plano de Datos en Redes Móviles 5G 03/12/2020
Big GeoData - Implantación de un entorno Big Data para la integración y análisis de datos geoespaciales en el centro de supercomputación extremeño CénitS-COMPUTAEX 26/11/2020
HeritaGen: Genetic and Genealogical Heritage Unification for Clinical Decision Making Support in Inherited Diseases 01/10/2020
Efficient code development for improving execution performance in high-performance computing centers 31/07/2020
A methodology for network analysis to improve the cyber-physicals communications in next-generation networks 16/04/2020
Mutarotation of aldoses: Getting a deeper knowledge of a classic equilibrium enabled by computational analyses 12/03/2020
Analytical and Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Mechanism to Improve the Control Plane in Next-Generation Mobile Networks 12/03/2020
Plataforma de integración y gestión de datos geolocalizados destinados a mejorar la eficiencia agraria de los cultivos 14/02/2020
Sistema bioinformático de apoyo a la investigación en la unificación del patrimonio genealógico y genético 14/02/2020
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A Novel Methodology Based on Orthogonal Projections for a Mobile Network Data Set Analysis 13/11/2019
Analysis of Energy Consumption and Optimization Techniques for Writing Energy-Efficient Code 30/10/2019
Análisis de costes del despliegue de una arquitectura de red basada en SDN/NFV 24/10/2019
Efficiency Analysis in Code Development for High-Performance Computing Centers 15/10/2019
Gestión de la seguridad de las comunicaciones para entornos de HPC en centros de supercomputación 18/09/2019
Medición de overheads para el uso eficiente de recursos en centros de computación de alto rendimiento 18/09/2019
High Performance Computing, Big Data, and Cloud Computing: The Perfect De Facto Trio or Converging Technological Mantras? 02/04/2019
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Estudio y análisis de nuevos mecanismos para redes inalámbricas de próxima generación haciendo uso de técnicas de computación de altas prestaciones 30/11/2018
Evaluation of Strategies for the Development of Efficient Code for Raspberry Pi Devices 21/11/2018
Sistema Ciberfísico para la Optimización de una Explotación Agropecuaria 06/11/2018
A New Role for Supercomputing Centers in Open Science 19/10/2018
Implementación de un Sistema para el Control de Consumos Energéticos en Entornos HPC 20/09/2018
Mecanismos de Monitorización y Análisis de Tráfico en Redes de Próxima Generación 19/09/2018
Compilador source-to-source, para la paralelización automática de códigos secuenciales, orientado a la gestión eficiente de recursos en centros de Computación de Alto Rendimiento 12/09/2018
Assessing Oxygen Vacancies in Bismuth Oxide through EELS Measurements and DFT Simulations 02/02/2018
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Análisis de un sistema de gobierno para federaciones de centros de procesamiento de datos con computación de alto rendimiento 31/12/2017
Computational insights into cycloadditions of thioisomünchnones with acetylenes: how does sulfur escape from cycloadducts? 18/12/2017
Assessing stereoelectronic effects in dipolar cycloadditions yielding fused thiazolopyridone rings 18/12/2017
Evaluación de la movilidad IP y posibilidades de integración en redes programables 5G 20/09/2017
An Updated Review on Marine Anticancer Compounds: The Use of Virtual Screening for the Discovery of Small-Molecule Cancer Drugs 20/07/2017
Deployment of next generation services in the Scientific and Technological Network of Extremadura 13/07/2017
HPC Services to Characterize Genetic Mutations Through Cloud Computing Federations 01/06/2017
Performance Evaluation of Distributed Mobility Management Protocols: Limitations and Solutions for Future Mobile Networks. 17/02/2017
Future Trends in Mobile-Fixed Integration for Next Generation Networks: Classification and Analysis 27/01/2017
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C−C and C−N Couplings in Reactions of the Benzylidyne-Bridged Complex [Mo2Cp2(μ-CPh)(μ-PCy2)(CO)2] with Small Unsaturated Organics 27/10/2016
Looking for inhibitors of the dengue virus NS5 RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase using a molecular docking approach 27/10/2016
Structural essentials for β-N-acetylhexosaminidase inhibition by amides of prolines, pipecolic and azetidine carboxylic acids 18/10/2016
Extending τ-Lop to model concurrent MPI communications in multicore clusters 01/08/2016
Towards automatic parallelization of sequential programs and efficient use of resources in HPC centers 21/07/2016
Diseño de un sistema de gestión por procesos de negocio en CénitS/COMPUTAEX 10/02/2016
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Despliegue de un testbed de redes definidas por software para la gestión de recursos de red en un CPD 21/12/2015
Gestión de la movilidad en redes de transporte de paquetes para la mejora de la calidad de servicio en la convergencia entre las redes fijas y móviles 30/11/2015
Modeling Contention and Mapping E ffects in Multi-core Clusters 09/10/2015
Performance and energy aware scheduling simulator for HPC: evaluating different resource selection methods 08/10/2015
Análisis de imágenes en profundidad en terapias de rehabilitación supervisadas por robots autónomos 16/09/2015
Steric C–N bond activation on the dimeric macrocycle [{P(μ-NR)}_2(μ-NR)]_2 28/08/2015
Green Code, Energy Efficiency in the Source Code for High-Performance Computing 24/07/2015
Influence of the N−N Coligand: C−C Coupling Instead of Formation of Imidazol-2-yl Complexes at {Mo(η3‑allyl)(CO)2} Fragments. Theoretical and Experimental Studies 17/07/2015
Regioselective Tandem [4 + 1]–[4 + 2] Synthesis of Amino-Substituted Dihydroxanthones and Xanthones 10/06/2015
TaxonomTIC: Situación de un sector clave en Extremadura 28/05/2015
Aplicación de técnicas Big Data a la predictibilidad de flujos de tráfico urbano en Ciudades Inteligentes 20/05/2015
Estirpex-2 20/05/2015
Proposal and analysis of integrated PTN architecture in the mobile backhaul to improve the QoS of HetNets 06/05/2015
τ-Lop: Modeling performance of shared memory MPI 31/03/2015
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Análisis y evaluación experimental de protocolos de gestión de la movilidad basados en IPv6 30/10/2014
PedigreeX: Gestión Automatizada de Pedigrís Humanos en Consejo Genético 03/09/2014
Estudio y evaluación de los mecanismos de gestión de la movilidad en redes de próxima generación 03/09/2014
Propuesta y análisis de viabilidad de un sistema automatizado de diagnóstico e investigación aplicado a la tecnología de ultra-secuenciación genética en un centro de supercomputación 03/09/2014
Stepwise Formation of 1,3-Diazolium-4-thiolates by Münchnone Cycloadditions: Promising Candidates for Nonlinear Optics 11/07/2014
Hydrazones from hydroxy naphthaldehydes. Part 2. Condensations with aromatic N-aminoheterocycles and elucidation of tautomeric structures 19/05/2014
Green Code 07/05/2014
Estirpex 21/04/2014
TaxonomTIC: Taxonomía del sector TIC en Extremadura 28/02/2014
Optimización de la red de acceso conmutada para provisión de QoS a dispositivos móviles mediante programación lineal 11/02/2014
Propuesta y análisis de viabilidad de un servicio asistencial para la disposición de ultra-secuenciación genética en un centro de supercomputación 10/02/2014
Eco-Trafic: Modelado de tráfico para una Smart-Eco Región 31/01/2014
Effect of configuration of 2-vinyldiazocarbonyl compounds on their reactivity: experimental and computational study 09/01/2014
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IPM-TP, a Full Integrated Architecture to Provide Seamless Mobility Management with QoS 15/12/2013
Testbed para el análisis del impacto de la movilidad en redes de acceso 29/10/2013
Testbed para el análisis del impacto de la movilidad en redes de acceso 29/10/2013
Aqueous thermal desorption as an effective way to regenerate spent activated carbons 21/10/2013
In Situ Generation of Diimide from Hydrazine and Oxygen: Continuous-Flow Transfer Hydrogenation of Olefins 08/10/2013
Computing Ground-Wave Electric Field at MF Band via FDTD Method 25/09/2013
Performance and Energy Aware Scheduling Simulator for High-Performance Computing 16/09/2013
Aplicabilidad de la Reutilización de Código a la Implementación de Soluciones en Entornos HPC 19/06/2013
Development of Scientific Applications with High-Performance Computing through a Component-Based and Aspect-Oriented Methodology 02/06/2013
Enhancing PTN to Improve the QoS Provided by the IP Mobility Management 25/03/2013
Optimization of an optical wireless nanolink using directive nanoantennas 28/01/2013
On the Fischer Indole Synthesis of 7‐Ethyltryptophol--Mechanistic and Process Intensification Studies under Continuous Flow Conditions 15/01/2013
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Metodología y Framework para el Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Científicas en Entornos HPC 17/12/2012
An Experimental and Computational Assessment of Acid-Catalyzed Azide-Nitrile Cycloadditions 23/11/2012
Development of Pattern-Based Scientific Applications for High-Performance Computing 08/11/2012
Implementación del modelo cloud computing en un centro de supercomputación 05/11/2012
Sistema de vigilancia tecnológica para un centro de supercomputación 05/11/2012
Tres años de supercomputación en Extremadura 15/10/2012
On the mechanism of the Dakin–West reaction 02/10/2012
Design of Invisibility Cloaks using Surface Integral Equation Method 17/09/2012
Fast Surface Integral Equation Formulations for Large-Scale Conductors, Metamaterials, and Plasmonic Problems 02/09/2012
Optimization of invisibility cloaks by surface integral equation method 02/09/2012
Can electromagnetic fields influence the structure and enzymatic digest of proteins? A critical evaluation of microwave-assisted proteomics protocols 06/08/2012
Synthesis from d-Altrose of (5R,6R,7R,8S)-5,7-Dihydroxy-8-hydroxymethylconidine and 2,4-Dideoxy-2,4-imino-d-glucitol, Azetidine Analogues of Swainsonine and 1,4-Dideoxy-1,4-imino-d-mannitol 27/07/2012
Network Simulations with Supercomputing using NS-2 19/07/2012
On the Prebiotic Synthesis of D-Sugars Catalyzed by L-Peptides: Assessments from First-Principles Calculations 11/06/2012
Methodology and Framework for the Development of Scientific Applications with High-Performance Computing through Web Services 24/05/2012
The impact of volcanic events and ENSO on the detection of the solar cycle signal in the tropical lower stratosphere 25/04/2012
Flash Flow Pyrolysis: Mimicking Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis in a High-Temperature/High-Pressure Liquid-Phase Microreactor Environment 09/02/2012
Surface Integral Equation Solvers for Large-Scale Conductors, Metamaterials and Plasmonic Nanostructures 21/01/2012
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Study on the conformational equilibrium of the alanine dipeptide in water solution by using the averaged solvent electrostatic potential from molecular dynamics methodology 18/11/2011
Aplicabilidad de la Supercomputación al Modelado de Sistemas Biomédicos 16/11/2011
Solvent Effects on the Radiative and Nonradiative Decay of a Model of the Rhodopsin Chromophore 04/11/2011
Extremadura democratiza el acceso a la supercomputación 18/10/2011
Theoretical study of the role of solvent Stark effect in electron transitions 01/10/2011
Dual Fluorescence of Fluorazene in Solution: A Computational Study 27/09/2011
Tautomerism in Schiff bases. The cases of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and 1-hydroxy-2-naphthaldehyde investigated in solution and the solid state 05/09/2011
On the enhanced reactivity and selectivity of triazole formation in molecular flasks. A theoretical rationale 31/08/2011
Supercomputing applied to Parallel Network Simulation 07/07/2011
The Computerworld Honors Program Case Study: CénitS 01/07/2011
Mechanistic Insights on the Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Amides – C–N vs. C–O Cleavage 24/05/2011
Schiff Bases from TRIS and ortho-Hydroxyarenecarbaldehydes: Structures and Tautomeric Equilibria in the Solid State and in Solution 03/05/2011
Solvent Effects on the Structure and Spectroscopy of the Emitting States of 1-Phenylpyrrole 29/04/2011
Hydrazones from hydroxy naphthaldehydes and N-aminoheterocycles: Structure and stereodynamics 18/03/2011
Extremadura, en primera división de supercomputación 14/03/2011
Mechanistic Insights on Azide−Nitrile Cycloadditions: On the Dialkyltin Oxide−Trimethylsilyl Azide Route and a New Vilsmeier−Haack-Type Organocatalyst 07/03/2011
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New Spanish research centre gains colossal computing power with HP Superdomes 02/12/2010 Simulación de sistemas de comunicaciones bajo supercomputación paralela 01/12/2010
A Unified Mechanistic View on the Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction: Computational and Experimental Investigations 18/11/2010
Protección y seguridad perimetral para el supercomputador LUSITANIA 07/09/2010
COMPUTAEX uses supercomputing to calculate a brighter economic future for Extremadura Region of Spain 07/08/2010
MLFMA-FFT Parallel Algorithm for the solution of large-scale problems in electromagnetics 07/06/2010
Performance Study of Hyper-Threading Technology on the LUSITANIA Supercomputer 28/05/2010
Shared Memory Supercomputing as Technique for Computational Electromagnetics 20/05/2010
Supercomputing aware electromagnetics 20/05/2010
Supercomputing aware electromagnetics 20/05/2010
La supercomputación como herramienta para lograr la excelencia en la Investigación y en la Innovación Tecnológica 17/04/2010
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Supercomputer aware approach for the solution of challenging electromagnetic problems 06/10/2009