Extremadura, an ideal european project partner

  • Mar, 14/10/2014
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Extremadura R&D+I centers

Extremadura participates in European mechanisms for achieving excellence and improving internationalization through networks, platforms and the Enterprise European Network. It has developed last generation infrastructure and research equipment that allowed several entities from Extremadura to participate in projects in the areas of ICT, Health, Clean Energy, Agro Food and Tourism, during the period 2007-2013.

CénitS (Extremadura Supercomputing, Technological Innovation and Research Center) is one of the regional R&D+I centers, aimed to promote, disseminate, hpc services and advanced communications to the research communities of Extremadura, or that company or institution that requests it and thus contribute through technological improvement and innovation, improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Extremadura is partner of the main European Networks in strategic sectors and will have a priority treatment from the European Union to support investment projects for the period 2014-2020.

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